Me featuring NightLight jewelry

My name is Sandy Flores. I was born in Michigan but grew up in Southern California. I became a Christian my freshman year of college when I finally realized the only thing that could fill the emptiness I felt inside was Jesus Christ. Since then, God has had me on a whirlwind adventure. After graduating from college in ’04 with every intention of finishing my student teaching and becoming an elementary school teacher, God called me into ministry. I ran the Jr. High Ministry at New Song Community Church for almost five years while attending and completing Seminary with my Masters of Arts in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.

God has currently called me into a ministry in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization is called NightLight International. Nightlight’s goal is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women in prostitution, their children, and those brought illegally in to Thailand . These goals are met though building relationships with women and children  who work in the sex trade industry and by providing a center that offers emergency aid, educational and employment opportunity through our jewelry business, emergency Child care, language tutoring, literacy training, and biblical teaching and healing for their community.

I have worn many hats at NightLight, but currently I am helping to run the cafe as a part of our outreach center in the red-light district, among other things. It is nothing less than a great adventure.

For information on how to support me with my work here in Thailand please visit my support page.


One thought on “About

  1. Sandy, My grandmother showed me your article in the Coast News, as she knew I was involved with NightLight also.

    We are having a Mission Market sale this weekend at our church – North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, where I will be selling NightLight Jewelry. I would love to meet you and my team would also love to pray over you and send you off. We were in Thailand this past March, and you will be blessed.

    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Spring Mackenzie
    cell 760-390-1428

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