Valentine’s Day challenge

A couple of years ago, when I was working in the jewelry business part of NightLight and Valentine’s Day was approaching (which always bums me out a little bit), I had a thought. I figured, surely I could redeem Valentine’s Day, somehow, for those who are not in romantic relationships. What resulted was a blog I wrote for our website which then turned into one of our more successful campaigns for the business. The campaign resulted in a huge boost in sales and blessed tons of people in the process. NightLight Design is recreating the campaign this year and is hopeful of similar results. I am reposting this blog here for you today to read and consider joining in!

One day at lunch the staff here in Bangkok were sitting around discussing Facebook activity. It turns out we had over 10,000 visits to our NightLight International page in January alone. This is good news! The word is getting out; people are interested in the cause. In addition to our Facebook page, we receive dozens of e-mails a month asking how people can help – can they bring a team, can they come and visit? Managing teams and visitors is a full time job around here, and we are overjoyed by how many people are interested in the complex issues surrounding the industry in Thailand. Unfortunately, the one thing that needs the most support is the one this we cannot get enough people to do. Interest in NightLight is going up, but jewelry sales have steadily been going down.

I moved to Bangkok over three years ago because, like so many others I know, my heart was breaking for women who were being exploited in the sex industry. I chose NightLight because I love the holistic vision. NightLight wants to care for not only the spiritual and emotional needs of these women, but also their physical needs in a very practical way. The vision is simple. Once the women get out of the industry, yes they will need healing, but they are also going to need a job. So NightLight is a place of healing, but it is also a place of business where they can work and grow as a whole person. It works together; the strength of the one depends on the strength of the other. Without funds coming in though the jewelry business, we are simply unable to hire more women into this healing atmosphere.

Over the years I have had the privilege of seeing more and more the great power of using business as mission. I get to see these women blossom in their roles, feel proud of what they do, and accomplish great things. The beauty and quality of the jewelry they make is a reflection of the beauty and quality in each and every one of them. But the business is hard work. And we keep it a business instead of a charity because we do not want our women to be charity cases for the rest of their lives. They work hard, they create beautiful jewelry, and they should earn a good wage for what they do, not a hand-out.

This is why it pains us to see so many people interested in our cause; however, very few are interested in supporting our business. So while it is encouraging to have so many individuals excited about our cause, it is at the same time discouraging that there are not enough individuals interested in supporting the business – our greatest need. We receive thousands of people who visit our social media sites and “like” our posts and we receive dozens of e-mails from people telling us how passionate they are about combating the sex trade. But we have a great need for many more to take the very tangible step of purchasing a piece of jewelry, committing to throwing a jewelry party, or very simply sharing our jewelry ads.

So I am going to throw out a challenge: Put your money where your “like” is.

We love that you care, but we also would love for you to buy! Often times, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the need in the world that we do not know what to do, so we do nothing at all. But here is one very simple way to make a difference: buy a piece of jewelry.

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am sending someone I love a piece of NightLight Jewelry because she is worth it. Then I will ask her one thing, if she would be willing to do the same; to pay it forward by also buying someone she loves a piece of NightLight jewelry and sending the same challenge. Might you be willing to do the same?

It’s two year later and I still believe this whole heartedly. Here is how you can participate:

1) Go to our online store, pick out a gift and add it to your shopping cart
2) Find the coupon code box underneath your shopping cart, and write in “YOU-ARE-LOVED”. Click “Apply.
3) Click “Proceed to Checkout”
4) Type in your personal billing information, your friend’s shipping information (uncheck the “Ship to My Billing Address” box), and your payment information.
5) Click “Place Order”

We will process your order and send it to your friend, along with a brochure about our work in Bangkok, and this coupon encouraging her to keep your chain of blessings flowing!

I hope you all consider joining in!



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